Here are some do's and dont's

5 Tips for Great Headshots

3. Makeup and Hair

I recommend coming in with makeup and hair done, but keep it light. Don’t get a new hair cut the day before and go easy on the makeup. We want you to look like you. One other very important thing to focus on is shine…

Yes guys, you too. As a man with little hair on top, I often find my head providing a little bit of extra reflection of light (not bad for an extra lighting modifier) but having extreme shine presents issues and calls for additional retouching that can easily be avoided prior to the photoshoot.

Here are my tips to help you get the most out of our session together.

1. Be Rested

I know it sounds simple BUT you likely have multiple meetings per day, events to attend, emails to answer and calls to make and coming in for your headshot after what looks like a marathon is not a great idea… Why? Because it shows - no matter how much “photoshop” you request. I highly recommend you don’t have any meetings prior to the shoot, you are well rested and in a pleasant mood. If your deal went south just before the shoot, we’re likely going to need a reshoot - trust me. Let’s try and avoid that and save you time. Come well rested for your session.

2. What to Wear?

Picking out your wardrobe is exceptionally important when it comes to getting an awesome headshot. Here are some quick basic guidelines. 

What do avoid:
1. busy patterns 
2. large logos 
3. Wrinkled clothes

Focus on:
1. Colours that work with your skin tones
2. Colours that bring out your eye colour
3. Clothes that fit well
4. Clothes that make you feel like you

Think about what you would typically wear when you’re about to meet a new client and rock that! Just remember, bring a few outfits to change things up.

4. Just Roll With It

“I don’t like having my photo taken” - Does this sound like you? Yes, I know, we’re all been there, me included, but this isn’t brain surgery, it’s a photo. Let’s make the best out of it. This is an investment in YOU and your brand or business. So it’s in your best interest to rock this thing so that I can help you. Of course, I’ll coach you through it, we’ll have a blast and you might be surprised how much fun you actually had.

5. Why Are We Doing This?

Ask yourself, what is the purpose of these headshots? Is this for your personal brand ? Is this for acting submissions? Is it for business website or publication? It’s good to have the goal in mind. Do you need environmental portraits, more of a lifestyle feel, or purely a business headshot? Let’s get this sorted before our shoot so we can make the best of the session and give you exactly what you need.







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